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Nutella Star Flower


Bread Flour, Milk, Sugar, Icing Sugar, Butter, Eggs, Lemon Zest, Nutella, Salt, Yeast


Calling all “Nutella-holics”, this brioche flower not only looks stunning, but it tastes amazing! If you like cinnamon rolls, babka, and those types of bread, you will absolutely adore this sweet bread. Nutella hazelnut spread sandwiched betwixt layer upon layer of brioche dough then braided into a glorious flower. 

Coffee & tea lovers alike both agree, this gem pairs nicely with what’s in their cup! Great as a centerpiece of your weekend brunch buffet when you clear the table only crumbs will remain! As Chef Justin Wilson would say, “I GAR-ON-TEE!”

Nutella Star Flower

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