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Custom-Made, Personalized Pastries Made With a dash Of Southern Flair

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Chef's Story

Born in Tampa, Florida, Carlos “David” Wharton has always had a love for baking.  In 2014, David’s wife Stacey obtained employment at Susquehanna University. As a trailing spouse seeking to forge a path for himself, he re-engaged with a lost love, baking. David loves to bake delicious southern delights which were inspired by his family, specifically David's aunt who owned a 24-hour diner and later a sweet potato pie company. David was urged to start his business by friends and family who have always loved David's creations when he made them as gifts and parties and wanted him to share his talent with the world. 



Southern Flair

David's Delicious Delights are all made from homemade recipes passed down to David from his Aunts. David's creations range from cakes to breads, to biscuits, to pies, and so much more! Everything made with love and with a southern flair that your taste buds can't ignore.

What makes David's Delicious Delights stand out? 

Homemade Preserves

Shipping &


David's Delicious' creations come to you at the comfort of your own home. If your local expect your desserts to be hand delivered by David himself! 

Fresh Ingredients

Many of David's desserts include fresh fruits. Pineapple is one of David's favorite ingredients that he uses to incorporate the citrus flavors of Tampa, Florida

Made with


All of David's desserts are handmade from recipes he's developed over the years. He loves to bake and that shines through in everything he makes! 


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